There are many ways you can financially support this Foundation.

Specific Programs that Carry Out our Mission

  • Purchase Apparatus

  • Faculty Development

  • Develop New Experiments

  • Sponsor Conferences

  • Support Publications/Websites

  • Creating New Awards/Prizes

  • Foundation Operations

  • Unspecified Future Programs


You may specify your contributions to the Foundation in many different ways:

Contributions for the Permanent Endowment

  • Endowment funds will be invested by the Board of Directors, and spending these funds, in any area, will be limited to a maximum of 5% per year, so as to preserve the principal.
  • Endowment gifts may be targeted, by the donor, to any area of the Foundations programs or operations. 
  • The donor may endow and name any particular program or operation by gifts that will fully fund this program or operation with 5% of the capital gift. 
  • The endowment gift may be given for unrestricted use as determined by the Board of the Foundation.
  • The endowment gift may be given as a legacy in the donors will. 

Contributions for Current Expenditures

  • The full amount of the contribution will be spent within two years of the gifts’ donation.
  • Funds can be directed at any specific program or operation by the donor. 
  • Funds can be used to both support and name a program or operation, if these funds are sufficient to run this program or operation for at least three years. 
  • Funds can be contributed for unrestricted use by the Foundation, as determined by its Board.

DSCN4647Ways to Contribute

Become a “Foundation Member”

Membership in the Foundation is defined as those individuals, groups, corporations, businesses, or other foundations that wish to provide ongoing support to the foundation’s mission as well as staying informed of the various activities of the foundation. Membership is strictly optional, even for those who provide financial assistance to the foundation.

Various levels of membership are:

  • Friend – $100-$199
  • Sponsor – $200-$499
  • Supporter – $500-$999

  • Patron – $1000-$5000
  • Life Benefactor – over $5000, one-time gift
  • Founding Life Member – fully endowing any names or unnamed program

Become a Foundation Member Now

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If you do not wish to donate through PayPal, please still submit this form and then mail a check to:
45 Penhurst Park
Buffalo, NY 14222-1013

Make checks payable to: Jonathan F Reichert Foundation

Please explain any specific instructions you have for using your contribution to support one or more of the Foundations programs. If you are considering endowing a particular program, we recommend you speak directly with Jonathan Reichert or another member of the Foundations’ Board. Feel free to set up such a personal phone call for this, or to clarify any confusion or concerns you may have. We will call you, on your instructions.


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You should receive a receipt by email within two weeks. If the receipt does not come, please email

Make a One-Time Donation Now

If you wish to contribute to the Foundation, but do not wish to become a Foundation Member, you may make a one-time donation online or by mail.

Donate Online
To make a donation online, click the PayPal button below.

Please write a note in the Special Instructions box if you do not grant permission for the Foundation to use your name in its’ publications.

Donate by Mail
To make a donation by mail, send a check to:

Jonathan F. Reichert Foundation
45 Penhurst Park
Buffalo, New York 14222-1013

Make checks payable to: Jonathan F. Reichert Foundation

Please write a note on the check if you do not grant permission for the Foundation to use your name in its’ publications.