APS Award 2017

The Foundation is proud to report that one of our founding Board Members, Richard W. Peterson, of Bethel College, has been named the recipient of the “Reichert, Wolff-Reichert” award for excellence in advanced laboratory instruction, by the American Physical Society. We wish to congratulate Dick for this recognition for a lifetime devotion to experimental physics education. We hope he will be an inspiration to young faculty whose skills are in the area of experimental physics.

Recent Events/Programs

The “members list” continues to grow. As of January 1, 2017, we have 116 people who have joined this effort with a total dollar support of $57,712. We hope to reach or exceed 200 members by the end of this calendar year.

Jonathan has personally contributed $366,196, as partial payment of the $1.1 million that he has pledged to this Foundation.

Grant Program Recipients

The Foundation announced the recipients of its inaugural grant program, supporting the advanced laboratory physics association (ALPhA) immersions. This joint ALPhA/APT faculty development program brings college and university faculties into close collaboration with other faculty mentors to develop experimental teaching skills in areas outside of their expertise. The Foundation is now supporting this successful program… Read more »

New Board Members: Linda Barton, Kristan Corwin, & Lowell McCann

First, the Board would like to publicly thank two past Board Members:  David Hartney for his year of service on the Board and Robert Eisenstein for his two years of service on the Board. Linda Barton received her BS in physics from MIT, where she worked for several years at the Francis Bitter National Magnet… Read more »