Since 2000, Barbara has been the ‘voice of TeachSpin’, introducing the company to the wonderful, altruistic, men and women who teach in advanced labs all over the world. Although her initial intention had been only to help TeachSpin establish its presence in the physics world, she never did get back to her much beloved high school physics classroom. The passion of both the TeachSpin staff and the advanced laboratory instructors was contagious.

Barbara brings to the board both a deep understanding of the workings of TeachSpin and a passionate belief in both the role of the advanced lab in the training of the next generation of physicists and the great generosity of the people willing to do the work necessary to teach it.

Barbara’s interest in teaching physics began at Swarthmore College. Then, armed with an MA in the Teaching of Physics from Yale, she began a 35 year love affair with teaching. While for the brightest students, honors physics is often the first truly exhilarating challenge, for so many others, being able to master the concepts of this seemingly esoteric discipline is empowering. In 1985, Barbara became involved with AAPT (American Association of Physics Teachers) as part of the writing team for Amusement Park Physics and loved running teacher workshops at both parks and AAPT conferences. The combination of her work in the classroom, at the Amusement Park, as a Physics Teaching Resource Agent, and as an officer and president of the New Jersey AAPT was recognized with the 1994 New Jersey Presidential Award for Excellence in the Teaching of Physics.