We wish to thank our corporate partners for sharing our commitment to the advanced laboratory experience as an essential component of a physics major’s education. There are many ways that corporations can partner with the Foundation:

Corporate Membership

Support from industries in the form of “Corporate Memberships” are funds invested directly into the Foundation’s permanent endowment. Only the interest and dividends generated from the endowment are used to fund the various grants and the programs of the Foundation. Below are the three categories:

Corporate Friend

($2,000 to $4,999)

Corporate Sponsor

($5,000 to $49,999)

Integrated Magnetics

“Our core business is manufacturing complex magnetic and electromechanical assemblies.” These include, alternators, generators, magnetic bearings, magnetic couplers, linear motors, and many more. TeachSpin has partnered with Integrated Magnetics to design and manufacture its precision high-homogeneity NMR magnets, as well as other magnetic components for our teaching apparatus.

Corporate Life Benefactor

($50,000 and up)


Corporate Endowment

This allows for perpetual funding of a named (branded) program with a minimum donation of $250,000. The interest and dividends generated by this investment will be used to run the program.

Corporate Sponsored Programs

Listed below are various ways that our corporate sponsors have decided to support the mission of the Foundation: