The Foundation is proud to archive the names of the recipients of the “Reichert, Wolff-Reichert” award for excellence in advanced laboratory instruction by The American Physical Society.  We wish to congratulate all the honorees for this recognition for a lifetime devoted to experimental physics education.  We hope each honoree will be an inspiration to young faculty whose skills are in the area of experimental physics. The honorees are:

2014 – Gabriel C. Spalding, Illinois Wesleyan University

2015 – Carl Akerlot and Roman Torres-Isea, University of Michigan

2016 – Van Bistrow, University of Chicago

2017 – Richard Peterson, Bethel College

2018 – Kurt Wick, University of Minnesota

2019 – Heather J. Lewandowski, University of Colorado

2020 – Enrique Galvez, Colgate University

2021 – Linda S. Barton, Rochester Institute of Technology

2022 – Sean R. Robsinson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2023 – Laura Clarke, North Carolina State University

2024 – R. Seth Smith, Francis Marion University